Plant Functional Genomics and Biotechnology

Utilitarian Genomics has been developed to examine the structure and capacity of atomic genome in advanced plants. The development and utilize biotechnology and genomic instruments in financially vital plant species, for example, timberland and natural product species, grains, vegetables and therapeutic plants. Actual activities are harmonized to explore genomic tools, meant for sample, sequencing, transcriptomics, proteomics, and atomic markers, to separate supervisors, potentials and structures in regulator of protection from vermin, ailments and for resilience to water insufficiency, saltiness and temperature push. Trapped by functioning, normal interaction and biotechnology campaigns, we distinguish new plant items, enhance biomass creation, and furthermore bolster reproducing programs. The examination of bioactive mixes and potential wellbeing valuable impacts of sustenance metabolites is additionally performed.

Sub Tracks

•    Cereal Genomics
•    Plant Science Meeting
•    Plant genomics scope in Europe
•    Micro propagation in Plants
•    Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology
•    Sequencing
•    Transcriptomics
•    Proteomics
•    Molecular marker development / Marker assisted selection
•    Drought Tolerance and Frost Tolerance
•    Heat Tolerance
•    Hybrid wheat and Phenotyping
•    Plant Science Meeting, Paris, Plant Biology Conferences
•    Plant Transformation
•    Salinity Tolerance
•    Structural Biology
•    Plant Genomic Case Studies

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