Plant Anatomy, Molecular Biology

Plant Anatomy can be characterized as a part of herbal science or in other words the exploration of inside structure of plants. It is likewise called as Phytotomy. It is a Greek word, which implies dissection. It completely manages the auxiliary association of plants.

Plant Molecular Biology is the learn of molecular basis of Plant life. It is especially concerned about the measures by which the data encoded in the genome is showed as structures, procedures and practices.

Plant anatomy is the branch of botany, which is concerned with the study of the internal structure of plants. It is called as Phytotomy. Understanding plant perform is that the key to enhancing crop production, manufacturing medicines, protective plant multifariousness. Phytology deals with the scientific study of plants.

Sub Tracks

•    Chloroplast
•    Mitochondria
•    Anabolism and Catabolism
•    Botany
•    Medicinal plants
•    Micro phytology    

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