Agricultural Genomics and Cereal Genomics

The modernization in agricultural genomics will persist its contribution in sustainable productivity and offers solution to challenges in facing global population. In the field of agriculture it helps us to understand the relationship between phenotype and genotype of plants in global scale. The more is the investment in agriculture is due to the use of nitrogen fertilizer because it directly affects yield as a large amount of nitrogen is being wasted up and not absorbed by the plants. Improving effectiveness of nitrogen usage by genetic improvement is necessary for the agricultural development. The genomics involves different types of breeding techniques like Marker-Assisted breeding, Conventional Breeding etc. to improve the yield of crops.

Cereals or crops belongs to family and square measure cultivated globally as they turn out Brobdingnagian quantity of energy, therefore it is known as staple crops. Development and use of every kind of molecular markers use and construction of molecular maps, study of population genetics and domestication of cereals using tools of genomics research. The organic phenomenon databases play a significant role in extracting, organizing and decoding info and build a association between the genotype and constitution of plants.

Sub Tracks

•    Agricultural Meteorology
•    Seasons and Systems of Farming
•    Irrigation and Water Management
•    Harvesting and Post-harvest Technology
•    Agronomy of Field Crops and Biofuel Plants

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